Syros Island combines culture, entertainment and religion in the most harmonious way.  It used to be one of the most significant islands in cycladic civilisation. Nowadays, the island is world-renowned for its rich cultural tradition with events that take place in Ermoupolis, the island’s capital, such as the International Classical Music Festival of CycladesANIMASYROS International Animation FestivalErmoupoleia Cultural Festival etc that offer a range of options for every visitor to experience.

The island has a large number of sea activities, beaches you can enjoy as well as a rich and delicious cuisine. The famous halvadopita (nougat pie), the finger-licking loukoumia – small cubes made of a mixture of sugar, water and starch that are offered in a number of scents and flavours – the cold meats louza and maratholoukanika, as well as the PDO cheese San Michali will tempt the most demanding palate.